Strehab (n.):

training program that incorporates strength and rehabilitation to correct form, address overuse injuries, and prevent future problems


Strehab Evaluation

45-minute session

During an evaluation, a Strehab specialist will talk to you about any current issues or questions you may have. Based on this info, our specialist will create a Strehab plan or refer you to the appropriate professional.

Common Strehab topics/issues: tendonitis, tight and/or inflamed muscles and connective tissue (i.e. plantar fasciitis), proper exercise form (running, throwing, jumping, biking, etc.), and more

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Strehab Sessions

60-minute sessions

Strehab sessions are designed around your needs and injuries. These1-on-1, 60-minute sessions may include the following: ARP loosening, muscle activation, flexibility, mobility, strength training, proprioceptive training (stability), and more. 

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ARP Loosening

20-minute sessions

ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) is a practice also known as Electro Neuromuscular Therapy that uses direct current to retrain the body's software to make sure the proper neurological pathways are being used to perform different movement patterns.

ARP Loosening is often used to correct common problems such as tendonitis, muscular imbalances, overuse injuries, and more.

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