Strehab (n.): personalized training program that incorporates strength and rehabilitation to correct form, address overuse injuries, and prevent future problems

Strehab, is designed for athletes and adults who are recovering from injury or overuse issues and returning to a normal form of training or exercise.

Common issues addressed in Strehab include: post-physical therapy injury recovery, tendonitis, tight and/or inflamed muscles and connective tissue, proper exercise form (weightlifting, running, etc.), and more. To see if Strehab is a good fit for you, call today!


Performance Evaluation

Strehab clients begin with a Performance Evaluation (45 minutes) to determine current movement ability and needs and to discuss any known/possible training limitations.

During this evaluation, clients receive basic measurements and will be scored on stability, output (strength and power), range of motion, and endurance. Following the evaluation, a Strehab Specialist will review the results with you, discuss goals, and prepare you for what to expect in training sessions/classes.


Strehab Training

Strehab sessions are 1-on-1 with a Strehab Specialist. Sessions last 45-60 minutes and are scheduled based on client and specialist availability.

Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages of 8, 16, or 24 sessions. Prior to beginning, a specialist will discuss the recommended number of sessions needed to address and overcome your injury or issue.

Don’t live in Birmingham? No worries! We have remote training options for individuals who do not live in or around Birmingham. Clients can come in for an initial Performance Evaluation and receive a training program to complete at home. Call today to learn more!

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