Performance Evaluation

All Pure Fitness members can go through an initial Performance Evaluation (30-45 minutes) to determine current movement ability and discuss any known or possible training limitations.

During the evaluation, adults will receive basic measurements and will be scored on stability, output (strength and power), range of motion, and endurance. Following the evaluation, a Fitness Specialist will review the results with you, discuss goals, and also prepare you for what to expect in training sessions/classes.


Redefine Fitness Group Classes (ages 16 & up)

This class is designed to help improve your strength, power, endurance, stability, and range of motion.

Workouts are modifiable for all fitness levels, and each class is limited to 12 athletes. We also have a Women’s Class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 am.


Private Training

If you are training for a specific event, have a variable schedule, or prefer the motivation of a private training session, our coaches are prepared to work with you.

Private training can be 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (Buddy Sessions). Sessions are sold individually or in packages of 8, 16, or 24 appointments.

Each private training client will go through a Performance Evaluation prior to beginning to determine current fitness level and goals.


Open Gym (ages 16 & up)

Prefer working out on your own or have a specific training plan to complete?

Open Gym Members have access to all Pure Performance equipment: dumb bells, barbells, racks, TrueForm Runners, Assault Bikes, rowing machines, functional trainers, and more.

You can complete the Pure Performance workout of the day or work out on your own.

Want to come tour or try out 1 free Open Gym session? Call today.

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